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Colossus Connects Solar Energy Providers with Homeowners Across the Nation

Colossus launches its digital Marketplace to deliver high quality solar leads that help businesses sell more solar

BOSTON, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As the residential solar industry continues to grow, Colossus is working with businesses across the nation to quickly respond to opportunities for growth. The company recently launched its solar leads Marketplace, which matches residential solar providers with real-time solar inquiries to help grow their sales.

Colossus launched its solar leads Marketplace, which matches residential solar providers with qualified solar leads.

With consumer demand on the rise, Colossus is dedicated to helping solar businesses grow by delivering lead volume and qualified prospects. With Colossus Marketplace, solar companies can access qualified leads to effectively fill their sales pipelines.

"The solar market is growing at a tremendous pace and installers are faced with many challenges including rising customer acquisition costs and fierce competition," said Heather Griffin, Colossus Co-CEO. "As a company focused on helping businesses grow, we provide qualified solar leads along with expert consultation to help improve campaign performance so our partners can close more solar deals."

Colossus generates traffic and high-quality leads through its owned and operated proprietary websites and landing pages. The company also works with partners to provide access to the best quality solar leads via affiliate network partners that are vetted for their ability to drive real time solar inquiries that follow permission-based lead acquisition models.

Solar Leads That Drive Results

Top solar companies like ADT Solar have utilized Colossus Marketplace to effectively fill their sales pipeline. "In under a year, we've utilized the help of Colossus to add significant numbers of appointments and sales for our field reps," said Colleen Butterfield, VP of Customer Acquisition at ADT Solar, one of the leading providers of rooftop solar in the United States. "I have confidence in the Colossus Marketplace and the real-time digital leads we've acquired enable us to reach new, qualified homeowners so our sales team has more opportunities to sell and close with the right prospects."

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About Colossus

Colossus is a technology company dedicated to helping businesses sell more solar. By matching residential solar providers with the right customers, Colossus helps solar companies grow their sales by delivering real-time solar inquiries. Top solar companies across the nation utilize the Colossus Marketplace to effectively fill their sales pipeline. Colossus drives results by partnering with solar sales teams to offer qualified solar leads and expert consultation to improve performance and help businesses close more solar sales.


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