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Jan 17, 2022

Boston, MA - Colossus announced today a $36 million Series A funding round, led by investors BuildGroup and including participation from Capital Creek, RTP Global, CEAS, & Poplar Ventures. This...

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Mar 24, 2022
Startups to watch: What startups are doing to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
Feb 20, 2022
Authority Magazine
Walid founded Colossus, a software and service company focused on reimagining the fragmented and rapidly evolving solar marketplace.
Jan 28, 2022
We’re excited to announce new features designed to enhance your Colossus experience, streamline communications with your teams, and help you better manage your workflows.

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Driving Sustainable Growth in the Solar Industry

Colossus's innovative solar software and marketplace helps companies of all sizes integrate, optimize, and digitize their workflows to
foster business growth and the adoption of clean energy at scale.

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